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now! we are on the brink of disaster. there was no reason for the russian federation to invade ukraine. the entire global the unitywill support of ukraine. confrontationest between moscow and the west since the cold war, russian troops have seized the crimean section of ukraine a week after the ouster of ukraine's pro-russian prime minister. but more of ukraine falter russian forces? we will speak with the a professor timothy snyder and former cia analyst ray mcgovern. and then xl dissent. >> hundreds of young people came here from all over the country, 42 states committed show president obama that keystone xl is not ok and not in our national interest. >> nearly 400 students and other young people are arrested after they chained themselves to the gates of the white house, calling on president obama to reject the keystone xl tar sands pipeline. a love that in more coming up. -- all of that and more coming out. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. russian troops have seized part of ukraine's crimean peninsula in what has become moscow's bi
" with lester holt. >> good evening. the east/west standoff over the future of ukraine escalated today with russian combat troops seizing control of the crimean peninsula after a bloodless showdown. ukraine's prime minister is calling it a declaration of war. tonight his country's outgunned and outnumbered army has been placed on a war footing while the u.s. and its european allies are working to punish russia economically and politically. and late word this afternoon that u.s. secretary of state john kerry will soon be on his way to the region. we're covering developments from washington to crimea, which is where nbc's bill neely starts us off tonight. bill? >> reporter: yes, russia's takeover of crimea, lester, is almost complete. they've done it without tanks, without firing a single shot. ukraine's navy is either under russian guard or gone. its army now surrounded by moscow's men. russian soldiers on the march in ukraine. this unit is taking up positions outside a ukrainian army base. the objective? to take it from troops who were once their comrades in the soviet army. but times
story. a great deal has changed in ukraine. russia controls crimea and southern ukraine. there's pressure from around the world for russia to remove its troops. the foreign minister says he'll meet with the u.s. secretary-general on monday. ukraine's interim president says russia's invasion is not a threat, but a declaration of war. russia is calling up its military reservists. the new government will meet on tuesday. sunday night the g7 suspended plans for a summit in sochi. in the head of ukraine's navy has been fired for high treesons, after defecting and swearing allegiance to pro-russian leaders in cooumia. >> covering the unfolding cries circumstances we have teams in kiev, and sevastopol. >> jennifer glasse was in perevalnye as it happened. >> it was not a day that the colonel expected. a contingent of russians came to his base and wanted him to surrender, "they said they are here to bring stability to crimea", what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. more russian arrived - truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone they're here. the ukraini
america, live from new york city. i'm tony harris and a look at the top stories. the crisis in ukraine is growing. there is an ultimatum to surrender or be seized. president obama is saying that russia's steps is violating international law and putting the financial markets into a panic. >> tense moments at the u.n. this afternoon as the security council debates the growing crisis in ukraine and it is coming hours after russia denied the reports issuing an ult mate yum to crimea. nick schifrin is live in the capitol of crimea and nick, you said there is a russian siege going on in crimea and describe what you mean by that. >> tony, the russian ouk pags is expanding and the crimeian people are letting that happen. the bases here, the russian flags are flying on those bases and trenches are being dug by the russian soldiers, but the russians and inside of the biases, if there ukrainian soldiers, some of the bases they are negotiateing and they are talking to the russians and urging them not to come in and others ukrainians are battening down the hatches and going inside and they are out
is a dangerous military intervention in ukraine. it is an act of aggression. it must stop. >> cnn's anderson cooper is live in kiev where he's been monitoring the very latest developments. we're also squoinjoined by the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, michael mcfaul who now teaches at stanford university. michael, i guess i could call you, or professor -- i called you ambassador last time we spoke -- >> you can call me whatever you want. >> your reaction to this remarkable united nation' testimony by the russian federation ambassador to the united nations, vitaly churkin trying to justify what russia did, what's your immediate reaction? >> well, my immediate reaction is not that much different than ambassador power, which is to say the allegations, quo quote/unquote threat, there has been no terrorists that have attacked anymore in crimea. there's no nazis threatening ethnic russians. that's complete fantasy. therefore, it is the right response to get international monitors into crimea as the international community is working to do so we can have a basis of a discussion of what is happening the
streaming into neighboring ukraine to protect russian citizens there. ukraine is accusing russia of a military invasion and is calling on the kremlin to pull its troops out of crimea. you and secretary-general ban ki-moon will meet with the russian foreign minister today discuss the situation. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to ukraine tomorrow. as a direct counter to president obama's recent emphasis on the gap between rich and poor, a recommendation of a sweeping overhaul on head start and medicaid. page batik -- underscoring where republicans say consolidation for spending reductions are needed. >> the internet as we know it today bears no resemblance to monopoly telephone service back in the 1930's and 1940's and 1950's. what the courts have said and what the congress supports is, if i walk into a grocery store and i buy a gallon of milk and i pay $3.50 per gallon, if i pie -- if i die 10 gallon, i pay $35 for all -- if i purchased 10 gallons, i pay $35 for all 10 gallons. what they are trying to say is you can use as much milk as you want and only paid $3.50.
political chess game where the tension increases by the hour. well, so far, the situation in ukraine has not exploded into massive bloodshed, the potential is there. russia and ukraine have a complicated intertwined history. and share a 1400 mile border with the occupied crimean peninsula smack in the middle. with ukraine outmatched militarily by every measure, the question becomes what is the international response and how effective can it be? we have fox team coverage tonight. wendell goler reports from the white house, which is not considering military options. fbn's maria bartiromo looks at the economic impact worldwide. brit hume on the politics and policy involving vladimir putin and president obama, but we begin with amy kellogg in the ground in kiev. hi, amy. >> hi, bret. people in this city less than two weeks literally gave their lives for the future of ukraine. a future free of the russian orbit, a future with a tilt towards the west, but day by day now they're seeing their gains clawed back by russia. not necessarily, bret, here in the capital, but definitely in crimea, over
. >> update to developing news out of ukraine. russian military given ukrainian forces in crimea until 7:00 tonight to surrender or face a storm, that's 7:00 california time. according to russian news agency ultimatum attributed to chief commander of russia's black sea fleet. more troops entered the peninsula this weekend. now questions how far in the eastern ukraine russian troops may go. here's nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: russia's tightening its grip on ukraine. europe's borders redrawn by force. and the pressure is growing on president obama and the west to do something. meanwhile, here russian troops have the ukrainian army pinned down. >> russian troops have fought many wars to take crimea this time they didn't have to. they have marched in and occupied it without firing a shot, and without resistance. it took just three days. the russian march across crimea is relentless and it seems unstoppable. the big question is where exactly in ukraine will these men stop? they still surround ukrainian army bases, this one of the biggest. ukrainian troops inside are
will know what will . will bring to all dissolves to the woods of ukraine's new adidas as it cools off old mitre reservists in the face of a tense standoff with brush up on the crimean peninsula. incredible acts of aggression the lead to the us at that stage on kerry is warning russia of serious repercussions for the cut in ukraine. promising severe punishments the chinese authorities blamed separatist the size of a stabbing attack in a railway station in the city of corn maze which claimed twenty nine bucks what's the fuss by cutting his room i'm told but this was supposed to join us. mr ukraine has the sum they begin mobilizing for war costs up to the russian president died in a tree to the candy he had the right to debate the country. russian forces have already seized the crimean peninsula which is into its black sea fleet it's estimated there are some one hundred and fifty thousand russian troops along the border with ukraine ukraine's prime minister asked me yesterday who took power when the two yanukovich but last week called russia's actions of declaration of war what will
welcome your thoughts on what the u.s. response should be to the events going on in ukraine. here's how you can reach out to us. if you want to give us a call -- democrats, (202) 585-3880. republicans, (202) 585-3881. 585-3882.ts, (202) if you want to send us a tweet, .o so @cspanwj -- sendsend this e-mail us e-mail at secretary of state karri plans on tuesday. region he discussed the situation in -- >> there are serious repercussions that can flow out of this. there are a broad array of options available. i spent yesterday afternoon on the phone with many of my counterparts. foreign ministers of countries most engaged and all of them, every single one of them are prepared to go to the hill in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. they are prepared to put sanctions in place, they are prepared to isolate russia economically. the ruble is already going down. russia has major economic challenges. i cannot imagine that an occupation of another country is something that appeals to people who are trying to reach out to the world and particular
situation in ukraine. new reports are coming out saying russia is giving ukrainian forces in the crimean peninsula to leave or face an assault. that is according to reuters, attributing one source in the ukrainian defense ministry. secretary of state john kerry, he is scheduled to go to kiev tomorrow after russian troops entered crimea over the weekend. the associated press says russia issued ultimatum for surrender of two ukraine yap warships in crimea. secretary kerry said the international community could kick russia out of the g8 holding meetings in sochi in june and they could freeze assets if russia does not withdraw the occupation. he is scheduled to make remarks shortly from the state department after a meeting with the prime minister of moldova. we'll bring you remarks on companion network c-span. russian president vladmir putin said he sent troops to protect russian personnel in military bases in southern ukraine after the ouster of ukraine's president. secretary of state kerry will speak to the american israel public affairs committee meeting, aipac. we will have the secretary
before 2014. ukraine leading up to today. russia tightened its grip in ukraine on monday. russian soldiers are now in control of all ukrainian border posts. tensions remain high. 1 example: earlier in the day, there was a report by the inter fax news agency that the russia's black sea fleet commander issued an ultimatum warping ukraine's military. the russian ministry of defense called that report total nonsense. president obama meeting with israeli netanyahu vowed to keep up the diplomatic pressure on russia. >> with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles, and i think the strong kind of name it's received from indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> president obama said from ukrainian government. >> those in crimea, they are illegal. i would repeat. illegal they tried to squeeze ukrainian assets, tried to confiscate ukrainian property, disarm the ukrainian army for these kind of actions, they have to know. >> leaders in kiev and other world capitols fear ukraine's eastern regions may be next. russian forei
o >>> the brink of disaster. russian troops invade ukraine's crimean peninsula as president vladimir putin defies calls to pull back his troops. >> there was not any reason for the russian federation to invade ukraine. hit the east coast with up to a foot of snow. >>> and in hollywood -- >> and the oscar goes to -- "12 years a slave." >> "12 years a slave" becomes the first film with black director to win the film industry's top honor. captioning funded by cbs ry's top honor. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is "cbs morning news," monday, march 3rd, 2014. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with a degrgrowing cri in ukraine. ukraine's minister says his country is on the brink of disaster. following russia's invasion of crimea, ukraine has put its military on high alert. there is worldwide outrage over the invasion and fears russian president vladimir putin isn't done yet. today secretary of state john kerry leaves for ukraine to meet with leaders in kiev. yesterday kerry called on putin to pull back. >> it's an incredible act of aggression.
, it is expected to hit them with severe thunderstorms. >>> and thousands of russian troops have gone into ukraine and they are protecting russian citizens living there. they are taking control surrounding many as they give up and they are all tee manning that russia break down >> we call them to withdraw their forces to their bases and to refrain from any interference elsewhere from ukraine. >> ukraine has asked for international help saying that government does not have the military power to defend itself from russia. >> meanwhile he will fly and he cop terms an incredible russia and warns am them pretesting their actions. . >>> ukrainians and their supporters had it outside of the russian consulate and they say it is upsetting to see what is happening to their country. >> they won a piece of land because of the money and politics and they will never say it and try to find other ways to come through. >>> ukrainians are also praying for piece. the sermon was with family and friends back home. >> they have left the owner concerned about the future of her business. police say a latino bad left with
are mounting over the crisis in ukraine. russia denies that its forces ordered the ukrainian navy to surrender. the u.n. security council is scheduled to meet in the next 30 minutes to discuss the situation in ukraine. >>> president obama just wrapped up a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the white house. russia's as actions are a violation of international law. >> i spent the weekend talking to leaders across europe and i think the world is largely united in recognizing the steps that russia has taken are a violation of ukraine's sovereignty, ukraine's territorial integrity, that they're a violation of international law. they're a violation of previous agreements that russia has made, with respect to how it treats and respects its neighbors. and as a consequence, we got strong statements from nato, from the g-7, condemning the actions that russia's taken. and we are going to continue these diplomatic efforts touring the course of this week. ftc -- during the course of this week. my interests are seeing the ukrainian people being able to determine their own destiny. ru
tensions rising in ukraine, and back here and u.s. ukrainians are having concerns over what happened in ukraine. for such get checked on the forecast. this leg of getting a little bit of a break after today's weather but that's gonna change after tomorrow due to another storm coming in. the next system just offshore it will come in tomorrow morning and for that the maafternoon. as is about the difference while the upper grades but skiethe bug girl is struck and killed by a freight train. it happened near old orchard and howell wrotrode she is an eighth grader at martina's high school. the accident is still under investigation. early saturday morning a gunman walked into the store, when he pulled a gun on the cashier. he shot a 31 year-old man who was latekilles severely hurt. the owners are considering colleges in a surveillance that system and lowering their weekend hours to make sure this doesn't happen again. words night john kerry will meet with keukrainian officials in kiev. the process has moved troops into ukraine and other west is outrage. russia has rented three mil
. the crisis in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with house oversight committee chair darrell issa. he's calling back former irs official lois lerner who has refused to testify. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and president obama prepares to unveil his new budget with defense cuts and no entitlement reforms. >> it makes no effort to address the drivers of our debt and deficit. >> we'll sit down with leaders of the congressional budget the committee, senator rob portman and congressman chris van hollen. plus arizona governor jan brewer vetoes a bill that would protect religious freedom over g
will leave tonight for ukraine. reuters is running a story about an increasing military threat that says, in part, russia's thek sea fleet has told forces in crimea to surrender. if they do not surrender by 5 a.m. tomorrow, a real assault will be started in the divisions of armed forces across crimea. that again, from reuters. earlier today at aipac, senator russiacain commented on and the ukraine. here's what he -- a bit of what he had to say. [video clip] >> i come to you with a heavy heart of what is happening in the ukraine. it is directly related to what is happening in the middle east him and obviously we know that what happens in the you middle east -- in the middle east is vital to the existence of the state of his -- israel. i will not go through the history of the ukraine with you. but the fact is, crimea is a sovereign part of the sovereign nation of ukraine. and people in ukraine by the hundreds of thousands went to the square in subzero temperatures saying they did not want to be part of putin's russia. that is what it was all about. over,at the olympics are immediately afte
in crimea. ukraine under lee against to pro-russian forces. >> with more on the ukraine crisis, more western leaders are calling for the call for russia to back off crimea. we'll be live at that meeting in brussels where sanctions are being discussed. [ gunfire ] >> also ahead an exclusive with syrian opposition, fighters trying to hold up a new government assault in aleppo. words and not weapons, how rwandaen soldiers are bringing peace to the central african return. >> the west is pounding pressure on russia as pro kremlin forces tighten it's grip on ukraine's crimea. warnings to russia, and russia's foreign minister said his country's presence is needed to protect ukraine. soldier in military base in crimea are refusing to leave despite to being surrounded by men who are thought to be russian forces. could you just give us an update as to where you are right now, what's happening on the ground? >> reporter: well, i'm just in front of the base, and about a a half hour ago the commander came out and spoke to the media, and he said basically that he is not surrendering to the russians at thi
this discrimination. you would win. we will the news. lead is ukraine's jewish community to join the country's other faith groups including on russia in two weeks to look streets from the ukrainian black sea contains less of crimea rabbi jacob don't like president of the jewish federation of ukraine added his signature to elect a which stated we will continue to build friendly and fraternal relations with russia but only as a sovereign and independent states. the backlash against moss go through ukraine's to use comes as the kremlin continues to assert that the newly installed for the eu government in kiev was brought to power by extremists with anti semitic leanings of the international stage. meanwhile tensions continued to mount as western states to cry. russia's actions saying that the occupation of crimea threatens peace and security in europe. xian. twelve days of slate has won the award for best picture at the eighty sixth academy awards in los angeles' the film's british born director steve mcqueen collected the oscar alongside pretty separate page saying that he dedicate
it away. >>> jake, thanks very much. happening now, breaking news, crisis in ukraine. russia's show of force, thousands of troops and crimean peninsula as russia issues an ultimatum. so what are america's options? the u.s. is looking for ways to isolate russia. will that stop putin's push against the ukraine? what makes putin tick? one world leader says he's in another world. and what does president want to restore what he sees as in the world? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> russia flexing its e-mails over the military exercise as president vladimir putin looks on. thousands of russian troops are already on the ground in neighboring ukraine in control of the strategic crimean region. russia has issued an ultimatum to ukrainian forces. a navy commander warning surrender or face an attack. those reports are, quote, utter rubbish. ukrainian defense officials say a dozen trucks have crossed into the crimean city of kurch. president obama said the united states is examining a series of steps to to, quote, isolate russia. sanctions are being prepared even right now.
redrawing its borders through occupation, cutting the peninsula of crimea off from the rest of ukraine. the question now is will putin extend that power deeper into the former soviet space? he made another show of military might today, ordering army drills and sending fighter jets into ukrainian air other key lawmakers are trying to define what the u.s. should do in terms of diplomatic pressure. >> this notion of taking him out of the g-8 has already been suggested by the administration, some members, and i think it's the right thing to do. >> i think we should revisit the missile defense shield that we talk about so often. >> i would just cancel in sochi. i wouldn't talk about the planning session. i would cancel it. >> i would like to create a democratic news around putin's russia. >> we start north of crimea with nbc's ian williams. ian, there's been a lot of claims and counter claims today. what's the latest there on the ground? >> reporter: it's a confusing picture, toure. we've seen a lot of so-called deadlines come and go, which we've heard from russian news agencies, from the u
next. >> hello, everyone. . am trish regan tension in ukraine mounts. stock sinking on worries that there may be a larger military conflict. we have more on that story and in just a moment. you're watching the most important hour of the session. matt miller and i are scouring the markets for your last trade of the day and your foes -- first trade of tomorrow. ready big concerns over the ukraine mounting. are also at an all-time, never witnessed before, historical high, so a selloff from the greatest level the s&p has ever seen -- that softens the blow a little bit. >> maybe a little bit. let's move on. these are the stocks you are watching as we head into the lows. julie hyman, watching for us. the your crane and the tensions there, there is one stock i wanted to look at -- with ukraine and the tensions there, there is one stock i wanted to look at. yandex. isis being affected by what going on over there, shares plunging 13%. let's talk about ford. sales down more than six percent. a lot of automakers beating analyst estimates. ford, one of the exceptions. down more than one pe
, ukraine on the brink. russian troops moving into the country while the rest of the world chooses sides. the new steps the u.s. is taking this morning and the key ally russia may have picked up overnight. >>> right now, brutal winter storm pummeling the east. millions waking up to snow and ice, being warned, stay off the roads. schools and offices shut down, thousands of flights already grounded this morning. our indra petersons is live tracking this latest winter storm for us. >>> and while you were sleeping, it ended, just minutes ago. hollywood honoring its best at the academy awards. we'll have the show-stopping moments and all the historic wins. good morning, everyone. a lot going on this morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's monday, march 3rd. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> let's begin with breaking news, the crisis in ukraine escalating by the hour. u.s. officials confirming russian forces have seized complete operational control of the crimean peninsula. ukraine's new government putting its own military on high alert, charging russia
. russian flag is now flying over crimea in the ukraine. >> west and nato now consider their next possible steps. >>> keeping up the pressure in venezuela, thousands return to the streets protesting the governments. >>> mardi gras or carnival. revelers around the world celebrate the lead up to lent. >>> a lot has changed this weekend in ukraine. russia now controls part of that country and pressure is growing across the world. the american secretary of state will meet with ukraine's leaders in kiev on tuesday. also the british prime minister pressured trowz pul russia to p. russia's invasion is not just a threat but a declaration of war. also the head of ukraine's navy was fired for treason today after he swore allegiance to pro-russian leaders. our teams are in kiev and the regional capital of crimea, sim verm. simferopol. jennifer glasse is there. >> stability to crimea, what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. then more russians arrived, truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone, they're here. the ukrainians move an armed vehicle to their gate. but there w
in ukraine. lots of headlines breaking in just the past hour. it is obviously a very fluid and increasingly tense situation. we will take you live to kiev. secretary of state john kerry is heading to ukraine. he will be there tomorrow. but the big question is, what can the u.s. do, if anything? investors aren't waiting for the answer. they are selling big-time. stocks plunging around the world as worst day in a month for the dow. the dow with huge triple digit declines of nearly 200 points, better than 1% decline. now, warren buffett says that if others are selling, he's buying stocks today. what is the oracle eyeing right now? he spoke with becky quick. we'll find out this hour. stocks, of course, tanking today but over the past 20 years, equities have had some of their biggest gains right now in march and april. so if you can play past the world events is there a buying opportunity? we'll find out but first let's check in with sue at the nyse. >> you might have to have a strong stomach to buy today because stocks around the world tanking on those fears about russia's moves into ukraine. t
the globe. >>> well, the crisis in the ukraine and russia's involvement, the total dominating factor for markets this morning. you can see in the last few minutes, stronger pmi from germany and from france. but the market is still in negative territory this morning. let me give you a look at how the individual markets are performing this morning. the german markets down now around 2%. they were down around 2.5% earlier, but stronger than expected pmi numbers coming out. the french market down 1.5%. let me give you a look at what's going on in the foreign exchange and the commodities markets. euro/dollar lower by around 0.2%. the yen and the swiss this morning taking dollar/yen down by 0.4%. gold higher. key concerns of supply concerns of energy based on the idea that we could see sanctions on russia. obviously, we're waiting today for further news on just what action the west is going to take. but right now, we're seeing brent and u.s. crude higher in trade this morning. the dow is down around 0.8%. we've got dollar/ruble trading at five-year highs. i mentioned those actionses and th
're just beginning. then is it ukraine or the ukraine. i'll get to the the bottom of it. and my guest ledge enary singer darlene love stars in a documentary called 20 feet from stardom, tonight she'll be 16 feet closer. major league baseball he is eliminating home plate collisions. apparently they violate baseball's long-standing ban on action. this is the colbert report captioning sponsored by comedy central welcome to the report o everybody, good to you haves with. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> welcome to the report, everybody. folks, if you have been watching the news like i v you know there is a big story this weekend. thank you so much, folks. folks, the winter olympics are finally over. they've handed out all the metals and all the whips. and the athletes are now leaving town before vladimir putin uses the olympic flame to burn down sochi for the insurance money. unfortunately, my friends on the u.s. speed skating team 2014 has been a rocky road or as they call it, an unzambonied rink. they medaled in only one event and the team is covering their asses by
the entire situation in ukraine, coming at russia denied it's made a grand ultimate actual, and also the west tries to figure out how to get moscow to back down. >> a full-fledged war in the heart of europe. >> today we're live at the united nations texas white house, at the pentagon, and on the ground in kiev, as the world waits to see what is next. it's breaking news. >> good monday afternoon to you and yours from the fox news deck. another escalation in the frightening war of words and the threat of war overseas. russia is now officially denying claims that it gave the ukraine ians a deadline to surrender. it's not clear whether the deadline was bogus or russia backed down, fearing a backlash. at any rate, what is becoming clearer is russia's president, putin but, is now standing quite firm, ignoring warnings from the world and the u.s. specifically to keep its hands off ukraineed. video shows russian troops surrounding cities. and row, navy ships are blocking ukraine warships and russia has taken control of the region, seizing airports and government buildings, all without firing a single
central bank delivers a shock rate hike. ukrainian rices intensifies. mobilization, the ukraine readies its army as russian troops tightened their grip on the crimea. meanwhile, western leaders while the pressure on. u.s. secretary of state kerry flies to kiev. good morning everybody. we are live from europe's headquarters here in london. my colleague francine lacqua is off today. we begin with the market reactions to the crisis in the ukraine. investors are selling off russian and western assets on concerns that we are seeing a standoff between russia and the west intensify to a level we have not seen, really, since the end of the cold war. jonathan ferro joins us with the details of the selloff in russia, while caroline hyde takes a closer look at what is happening to european companies and markets. >> russian equities down eight 8.5%.lf percent -- that was for one reason and one reason only, russia's central bank comes out and hikes to seven percent from 5.5%. they say the reason is to prevent inflation risks and ensure financial stability. it does not remove political risk. that is
on the crisis in ukraine. russia is denying they are planning a full military assaults if crimea doesn't surrender. today a naval commander promised a military storm if the ukrainian military refuses to put down the weapons in crimea. they are the heavily pro russian state in ukraine. u.s. officials say 6,000 troops are already there taking control. today president putin watched his troops in russia practicing and as he bears down, the world is waiting to see how president obama will live up to his work. three days ago, he spoke with costs for any military intervention by russia. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the capital of kiev tonight and the u.s. just announced they won't send a delegation to the paralympics in sochi that start on friday. the critics say the u.s. response has not been fast or furious enough. senator john mccain for instance spoke to cnn last hour. >> with ukraine, it is the crown jewel. let's go back to peace. what kind of a message are we sending and slashing the military some. >> we are covering this international kroo isz from all angles the retired
right now, new questions over whether a weak u.s. foreign policy contributed to the crisis in ukraine. senator john mccain says it did. he's here live with me this hour. >>> and right now, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is on his way over to the white house to meet with president obama, where he may be receiving a blunt warning about receiving a blunt warning about israel's future. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. there is a lot to tell you over the next hour. on the deepening crisis in ukraine. at the center of the conflict, the peninsula seen here in red. there you see it in the middle of the screen. ukraine's defense minister says they have warned officials to swear allegiance to the new crimean authorities, surrender, or face an attack. but russian media now saying reports of a russian ultimatum are, quote, utter rubbish. what we know right now is about 6,000 russian troops are in control of crimea. the european union demanding an immediate russian withdrawal. the secretary of state, john kerry, he's due t
obama's response to the crisis in ukraine. guys? >> wolf, vladimir putin's giving republicans a new excuse to play their favorite game, criticize the president. >> sally, i admire your attempt to switch the blame, but president obama's weak foreign policy is the real problem. the debate starts right now. >>> tonight on "crossfire" -- a stern warning to vladimir putin. >> russia's on the wrong side of history on this. >> but republicans say president obama is mishandling russia. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in america's strength any more. >> on the left, sally kohn, on the right, newt gingrich. in the "crossfire" -- lawrence korb who supports the president and danielle pletka, one of the president's harshest critics. is vladimir putin pushing around the u.s. because the president is weak? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire's" breaking news coverage of the crisis in the ukraine. i'm sally kohn on the left. >> i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the "crossfire" tonight, two guests who disagree on president obama's handl
way out of ukraine. but the russians don't seem to be looking for a way out. president putin claims the military action is protecting the minority ethnic russian population. some russian protesters seen here in this video beating up a pro-ukrainian protester. others have been tearing down ukrainian flags and raising the flag of the russian federation. simon, do you agree that this could be the most important foreign policy decision president obama will make thus far in his presidency? >> oh, absolutely, gretchen. i think there's no question this is the most important foreign policy issue facing him and the most important moment in the history of the relationship between washington and moscow since the collapse of the soviet union. we are at a point now where the russians appear de facto to have annexed the crimean peninsula. the real question is whether or not this is as far as vladimir putin wants to go or whether he's going to try to peel parts of eastern ukraine away from an independent ukrainian government. were that to be the case, i think all bets would be off about where this
. the crisis in ukraine growing at this time. it gave ukrainian ships the ultimatum the right to be seized. >>> diplomats are trying to figure out ways to get russia to pack down in a city council meetinsecurity councilmeeting os right now. and the crisis in ukraine deepens at this hour. russia denies it issued an ultimatum to the ukrainian ships in the red sea. if russia does not end military operations in ukraine. you are looking live at the united nations, as the security council is figuring out how to deal with the crisis in ukraine. john terret will give us a report in a little bit. nick schifrin is in simferopol. the capitol of crimea. do we have a russian ultimatum on the table or not? >> according to russia there is none. but according to local journalists who heard a statement coming from russian ships only a few hundred feet off the coast of the crimea, who are basically surrounding the crimea, the answer is yes. those journalists sea they heard an ultimatum being heard from those ships telling the ukrainians they had to give up their weapons, had to disboard, about 3:00 in the m
of the 21st century. what chance putting a lid on ukraine. >>> as russia tightens its control of ukraine's crimea region, western media has issued a warning to moscow. >> if russia cannot be persuaded to respect the sovereignty, integrity of ukraine, there will have to be other consequences and other costs. >> blood curdling screams. here's accounts of the night he shot his girlfriend. >> do you understand the charges, mr. pistorius? >> i do. i do, my lady. >> how do you plead? >> not guilty, my lady. >> reporter: live in pretoria. i'll be bringing you all the latest developments from the trial. >> plus, seven oscars and seventh heaven for "gravity," the biggest winner at the academy awards. also in the program, aaron is here having a look at the in stability in ukraine and the affects that's having on the global economy. >> it is mayhem, david. markets are down. russia's ruble slumped to lows. and with a quarter of all of europe's guests coming from russia to ukraine, we will look at the impact if the taps are turned off. >>> hello. it's midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, 1
ukraine. russian troops surround ukrainian military facilitators in crimea. the ukrainian prime minister calls it a declaration of war. secretary of state john kerry issues a new warning to russia next on pbs "newshour weekend." >> pbs "newshour weekend" is made possible by louis b. and louise coleman. judy and josh westin. the walloch family, rosalynn p. walter. corporate finding provided by mutual of america designing customized individual retirement. that's why we're your retirement company. additional support is provided by -- and by public broadcasting and contributions from pbs viewers like you. thank you. from the tisch studios linc center in new york hari sreenivasan. >> thank you for joining us. international crisis surrounding ukraine benefitsified with many experts describing the situation as the greatest threat to east-west relations since the cold war. russian troops invade territory of crimea in the last hours today surrounded ukrainian mirlts. the prime minister of ukraine said that action brought the neighboring companies within what he described as a few inches
headlines today. su keenan tracked the commodity market reaction to the prices in the ukraine. the political ramifications here in the united dates. and julianna goldman has the latest comments from mr. obama as he meets with the israeli prime minister netanyahu. but first, let's get it the latest on the situation in ukraine. officials say russia's navy has ordered two ukrainian strips -- ships to surrender. this is the worst band office of the end of the cold war. ryan joins the on the phone from kiev, what is the latest in crimea? >> ukraine reporting that russia's navy has ordered two ships to surrender. the acting president of the ukraine says that these ships have been threatened with seizure, and ordered to surrender. meanwhile the russian defense ministry says that is not true, there is no ultimatum. clear is that the ukraine is in control of the russian military. there has been a real steady buildup since the first eight on fridays arrived and surrounded the bases. and now they are very much a control. >> tells about the situation the capital there. they're preparing for meetings wit
the spreading across the south east of ukraine the protests of the thousands that is against the far right nationalist taking up alot of syndicate and as we seldom use diplomatic sword planting but as with the united states is deadly clashes in caracas and beyond. see washington accused of shooting the trouble. and it was a true christian creed patrols the streets of london. maybe it was held to aggressive islam the kitchen the local community has paid its actually something religious base stories and the lake this is the week the bomb on the international. he can wander of ukraine's naval forces has pledged his allegiance to the crimean people. it follows reports that ukrainian troops stationed in the peninsula but either quitting would jointly court defense groups on less effectively putting the authorities in crimea the tantric buddies were freshman has more. on sunday the challenge of ukraine's naval force pledged his allegiance to cry means people swearing to strictly comply with the orders to the supreme command to all the economists region. mr berry's ok was appointed to the space b
to be a part of independent ukraine. it considers what is happening in kiev a coup and believes that the people in kiev who are running the government are not legitimate. as you heard in jen's piece, some are saying that we shouldn't have russian soldiers, some are welcoming the russian soldiers, 60 or 70% of crimea is very much russian, there are 20 or 30% who look west. minorities. they do demand some kind of application from the government in kiev, and that's who they are looking for, for example now, but frankly the military is not giving it to them, the local government and nobody from the national government demonstrated an ability or willingness to defend the people looking to the west or kiev. now all power, it seems, in crimea switching to the east. >> they seem to be on their own. nick schifrin live for us. thank you. >> ukraine is preparing itself for a russian offensive. hundreds of men of all ages have gone to recruiting centres to volunteering their services. row is in kiev and spoke to some of them. >> ukrainians are preparing themselves for war. in kiev were there has already be
. joining us. coming up tensions as the late pro russian forces tightened their grip on crimea and ukraine's prime minister accused moscow of declaring war on his country condemnation from the west the us secretary of state accuses russia of an incredible act of aggression and threatened very serious repercussions. and nightfall someone like that and yet after another day of demonstrations ukrainians wave international's lacks the protest right chest tightening grip on the union the eye. light is on the brink of disaster the stark message from the country's interim prime minister today. shania daniel says that brussels moves to take control of crimea amount to a declaration of war the government is calling up all its military reserves in response and is appealing for help from the outside world now as ukraine mobilize this was another massive anti western valley in central kiev on sunday. protesters paraded flags of the world to tackle those calls for international support the crowd also heard from the couch additionally he was president of georgia in two thousand eight when it fought a br
-cabrera in for kelly he was. she's back tomorrow. stocks rocked across the globe from the ukraine crisis and the united states is not immune. the dow jones industrial average is off of its lows down 158 points. at the worst moments it was down 250 points. a decline to 16,163. a decline of less than 1%. the nasdaq also off of its lows when you look at the intraday pattern. it's lower by 29 points. a decline of 2/3 of a percent. the s&p is coming off the bottom. it's down 18 points. >> let's talk about everything driving the market lower with abigail doolittle, chris whalen is a new york based author and investment banker and an expert on soviet history -- the history of soviet politics. brian jacobson, david molnar and our own rick santelli monitoring all the safe haven plays. brian jacobson, you say you want to buy everything you can get your hands on on this dip. why are you not worried with the rest of the market on what's going on with ukraine? >> i think this is just an overreaction to what's going on in lad, you wrote about national security issues and the soviet union. do you agree with that? is
of the country's crimea region. >> ukraine is the crown jewel. >> this is most seriously the biggest deficit of our lives since the cold war ended. >> pressure is on the mid-west to do something. >> this will get worse before it gets better. >> you got to believe it's over. >> we have to be in this for the long haul. >> it's now unclear just what the west can do about it. >> john kerry arrived in ukraine tomorrow. >> putin is not going to back off this without some real effort to make a verdict. >> a full blown cold war like showdown. >> we dropped 20 degrees since midnight. >> the cold war chess game in the ukraine continues today. by a look at it, we are a long way from check mate. they have seized the crimea union with 6,000 ground and naval forces in the region. the tensions worsened when ukraine's acting president accused russia of executing the military standoff and blocking ukrainian navy vessels. ukraine's new government claims russia issued an ultimatum for forces to surrender within an hour or face an armed assault. russia denies these assaults. the state department said today if t
russian counterpart over the phone to pull back the troops. secretary of state john kerry flies to ukraine tomorrow. after the meeting today with the president of moldova, another former soviet republic whose security may depend on the result in ukraine. on sunday, kerry was quite strident in his condemnation of russia. >> this is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. it's really 19th-century behavior in the 21st century. >> financial markets today appear to be exacting their own revenge on russia, and investors as a whole. u.s. markets are down triple digits in midday trading. while the main russian exchange lost about 11% of its value and the russian ruble hit an all-time low against the dollar. still, the question remains, how should the u.s. respond to this crisis, which began after the ouster of ukraine's pro-russia regime last month? the answer among some hawks is, naturally, first blame president obama. the "washington post" editorial section wrote today, "president obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should oper
ukraine on the brink of disaster, the latest on the standoff between russian and ukraine troops and international response at ending the crisis. the first double amputee to compete in the olympics goes on trial for murder, the case of the blade runner is watched so closely in his country. another winter storm shuts down federal offices and causes major pile ups, where the system is headed today and what could be coming on its heels. >> without rapport we don't have intervention. >> reporter: police officers going the extra mile to change the lives of repeat offenders. ♪ good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy. the crisis in ukraine has quickly spiralled into an international standoff, russian troops now control the crimea peninsula in the southern part of the country and ukraine is mobilizing military calling up reserves and asking for volunteers. this morning the foreign minister sergei fedorov says it's about defending rights and john kerry is heading to kiev on tuesday to meet with members of the interim government and british foreign minister will
will remain in ukraine until in their words come of the political situation has been normalized. there were reports earlier that ukrainian forces in crimea had been given until tomorrow morning to surrender -- surrender to the russians. russia has dismissed the idea of an ultimatum. we start our coverage from the strategic port of sevastopol. >> the crimea and the russian occupation -- a place of tension and sudden anger. outside the main sevastopol maple base, crowds have gathered. then a lone woman, nervous but determine dares to hold up the yellow and blue colors of ukraine. she is attacked and taken away. at the same base earlier in the day, a seem like something out of the russian revolution. the admiral of the ukrainian fleet argues in front of sailors with his successor who is loyal to ukraine still. they start singing the ukrainian national anthem. but will they fight the russian invaders? it is hard to believe, especially since they are mostly unarmed. one of their main targets this morning was to earn their secret files, not really a sign of defiance. and these are the men they wo
this but ukraine is a top exporter of wheat and grain and in the oil patch, take a look at the pipeline, we got a map for you, pipelines that want go through ukraine from russia to europe about 25% of russian exports go to europe and half of that goes to those pipelines that go through ukraine. you can see the uncertainty something at play in all the markets today. >> those warm water ports in crimea for russia the only warm water ports they have. christine romans thanks very much. >>> in just a moment we'll check in over at the white house. first the latest from crimea itself. let's go to our correspondent on the ground. what's the latest, diana? >> reporter: hi, wolf. the new ukrainian naval commander because the old one defected just a few days ago and transferred the pro russian kiev side, the new commander says that ten naval and military bases across crimea are now under the control of russian forces and we've also heard reports of attacks on border posts along the east of crimea. our own ben weidmann is on the way there. most of these takeovers have been very peaceful, very strange stand
reports from crimea, ukraine, where russian troops are now in control. cia insider mike morell is in studio 57 as the white house struggles for options. >>> snow disrupts the commute for millions cancelled thousands of flights, and paralyzes the nation's capital. >>> plus a night of newcomers at the oscars. "e.t.'s" nancy o'dell was out with the big winners. joe joins us. >>> first, we begin with today's "eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we don't want a return to the cold war. nobody wants this kind of action. there are going to be repercussions. >> russian and ukraine stand at the brink of war. >> hundreds of russian soldiers surrounding a military base. >> navy movements have also been sighted in the black sea. >> john kerry headed to kiev to show support for the new leader. >> i think putin is playing chess, and i think we're playing marbles, and i don't think it's even close. >> 100 million people are waking up to ice, snow plunging temperatures. >> washington braces for nearly a foot -- >> 2,000 flights grounded nationwide. >> it will be another
of this on fears of a possible supply disruption coming from the russian and ukraine regions. make note that ukraine is housing a major oil and natural gas pipeline responsible for taking a lot of russian oil to european countries. russia is the second largest net exporter of oil on the globe. so this is a very important key place for energy to go to other parts of the globe, and if you're wondering how that may affect you here at home, you may already be feeling it. aaa and reporting that gas prices as a national average rose to 3.40 last night. these up 18 cents from where they were just one month ago. and analysts point out that a large percentage of that is a fear premium being priced into oil and gasoline as a result of this crisis in ukraine. neil? >> thank you, san contract. even if the situation of the ukraine is eventually calm, the impact on oil prices may not be for quite some time. here's more on that. >> you can call it cold weather, you can see a cold war. this is already impacting prices here. the one thing you really want to focus on is diesel fuel. that is where you may
>> breaking news in the crisis in ukraine. putin is asking to use the russian military in crimea. the troops are arriving to the region since friday and it is trying to protect the pro russian people already there. for the new government in kiev they are calling it an illegal invasion. phil, is this a provocation of war? >> well, we have a lot of fast moving events going on here. as far as a provocation maybe the ukrainians in the west are seeing it that but certainly the russians are seeing it that way. we have heard official text is made available to us, putin is appealing to the upper houses of the russian parliament, the federal council, he said that due to situation in ukraine and threatening the lives, the personnel of the armed forces of the russian federation should be used in ukraine and then he quotes articles within the russian constitution. we do know that the federation council is about to vote on this here in moscow. there needs to be a clear majority. putin has sent one of his deputy foreign ministers to represent him in the council and if they do vote on this in a
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